Tuesday, November 11, 2008

TIP #10

10-You Program your body to eat what it does throughout the day by what you eat in the morning for breakfast- (example- cereal and milk). Your body will crave dairy and sugar throughout the day. It was suggested to eat a protein packed breakfast. Here are a few ideas.
1-Protein Drink (I like whey protein) w/1 cup of cottage cheese
2-Egg white omelet
3-a couple of boiled eggs
4- 1 cup of cottage cheese w/2 slices of Melba toast
5-Meat leftovers from last nights dinner and eggs
These starches are the least processed: cracked wheat, Melba toast (unseasoned), Wasacrackers, Akmak Cracker, Rice Cake (unsalted), Zwieback, Flat Bread (low-fat). You can find these at almost any grocery store.


Lori said...

That is really interesting about craving the same kinds of things you ate for breakfast. Great tip!

Line said...

I'm glad you introduced me to Melba toast because I love it! And I didn't know that you crave what you have in the morning... No wonder I crave carbs all day... Cereal is my breakfast everyday!