Tuesday, December 2, 2008

TIP #13

Sorry, I think I skipped a week. Thanksgiving was so busy. Hope you are all enjoying the holidays. Here is just an interesting tip to think about as you work out. Weight lifting to build muscle is very important. You can burn 30 to 50 calories more a day, even at rest! The more calories you burn at rest (24/7) the easier it is to create the body you desire. The other good news; if you add 5 pounds of muscle, you get to eat 250 more calories a day! After having Eliana, I have found that weight lifting combined with some cardio and healthy eating has helped me lose some of the baby weight. I'm still working on it. Also, contrary to popular belief...you will not bulk up if you weight lift. Muscle takes up less room on your body than fat does and muscle is what helps you burn the fat faster. :) Happy Holidays!